Look jingdezhen before 100 years ago: The World’s Ancient Porcelain Center (From The National Geographic magazine, Nov. 1920 (p.391-406))

AUTHOR:Frank B. Lentz Since the Tang Dynasty, China’s porcelain began to export a lot, to the Ming and Qing dynasties are hundreds of millions of dollars. The West is stunning in the exquisite porcelain, has been trying to imitate, but has never been comparable to the essence of it. 1920, an American, Frank B. Lenz […]


Dragon ornament Old blue and white dishes, dishes and bowls from shengjiang porcelain

Mitong ceramic   or Linglong porcelain  is in the porcelain billet through the carving process, engraving a lot of rules of the delicate eye, glaze burned after these holes into a translucent bright hole, very beautiful, known as “card glass porcelain.” kiln in the exquisite dishes are handmade, each step is jingdezhen old craft master and […]


ShengJiang new coming Colorful handpainted dishes&plates, tea sets ,bathroom accesories, ceramic vases, garden drum stools and table lamps

ShengJiang new Colorful handpainted factory mainly speciallized in researching,developing, and manufacturing all kinds of daily-use ceramic and porcelain dishes&plates, tea sets, bathroom accesories, and various of home decorative items like ceramic vases, garden drum stools and reading table lamps etc. All products are made with 100% authentic ceramic porcelain raw material locally, baked with more […]


the world famous museums list

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Chinese porcelain: decoration

Email From Jingdezhen, Jiangxi province, southern China, Ming dynasty, Hongwu period, 14th century Large underglaze-painted jar, 14th century, Ming dynasty, Hongwu period, Jingdezhen, 67.2 cm tall, Jiangxi province, southern China © Trustees of the British Museum Chinese porcelain decoration: underglaze blue and red Though Chinese potters developed underglaze red decoration during the Yuan dynasty (1279-1368 C.E.), pottery […]


Yuan Dynasty Ceramics

The Yuan dynasty (1271–1368) was a transitional age in the development of Chinese porcelain. As the Mongols invaded from the north, many potters fled south, contributing to the expansion of southern kilns. During this period, Jingdezhen (景德鎮) in Jiangxi Province became the center of porcelain production for the entire empire. Most representative of Yuan dynasty […]