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14TH Century Yuan dynasty (1271-1368), blue and white pottery

Further information: Jingdezhen ware The true development of blue and white ware in China started with the first half of the 14th century, when it progressively replaced the century-long tradition of bluish-white ware, or Qingbai. The …


Jingdezhen China Ceramic Museum

We introduce ceramics for all our readers for a long time. I am afraid my readers would be tired of so much book knowledge. This time we will tell you the travel notes of Jingdezhen China Ceramic Museum. Is it surprising?


Customize Your Own Style Porcelain-2

Almost all the art ceramics has to be hand made to some degree. From the shape to pattern, the artisan would pay their attention to make it perfect. Each process links up with the next process. All these make our customized porcelain ex …


Customize Your Own Style Porcelain

To customize on porcelain is becoming popular with the porcelain making tech growing mature. If the family party, wedding and some other kinds of big event, each one can have himself a own named and designed ceramics. That would be awesome.


Blue and White Ginger Jar

Ginger jar hands down from Ming Dynasty of China. Its cap is as same as the ancient Chinese general cap. So Chinese traditional way to call it, is General Jar. When it comes to Qing Dynasty, the shape and design of ginger jar become fixed.


A Brief Chinese Chronology

Many ceramics collectors and amateurs focus on the ceramic pattern, shape, body, material. No matter it is blue and white, celadon,oxblood porcelain, the history and background story of each ceramic needs to be dug out.


Stamping Art in Ceramics

Many mimic carving ceramic pieces has unique but simple tech to appear like hand carving ceramics. Of course, skillful hand carving artisans can really make out a vivid carving ceramics.


Raising from Nature

For most ceramics or porcelain, it is made of clay. During the throwing process, the shape of ceramic is coming out. It is an amazing process like the movie slow motion but it raises so fast in the potter’s hand. For the audiences, they …