Porcelain tablelamp is a kind of common types of lamps and lanterns, ceramic lamps are generally desk lamp, many families buy after ceramic lamp will choose to place the head of a bed in the bedroom, ceramic lamp than other lamps and lanterns, with a high artistic aesthetic feeling, but also has a lot of design, so the ceramic lamps and lanterns is very popular with people, ceramic compared to other material lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns can more successfully coordinated with indoor color photograph.



flower pattern table lamp


ceramic lamp



About Ceramic Lamp


Ceramic lamp is made of ceramic material. Ancient ceramic lamps mainly refers to holding oil or candles ceramic material is the base of vessels and lamp, modern ceramic lamp is mostly ceramic lamp shade for ceramic material, a light is light images for ceramic material, similar to the ancient ceramic lamp, the earliest hollow ceramic lamp, just inside the palace of the candle lights cover, modern developed into failed porcelain base, used for desk lamp, adornment sex is extremely strong.

porcelain table lamp



From the appearance of ceramic, ceramic lamp is very beautiful, very classical Chinese lamps. If the ceramic lamp is of high quality, its ceramics are processed from jingdezhen, no matter the workmanship or the style is very fine. There are a few beautiful decorative pattern designs commonly above chimney, when opening the lamp, the reflected light of chimney just can shine on whole China above, appear more like a luxuriant artwork. Actually say, the porcelain of jingdezhen is artwork originally, so a lot of porcelain lamps and lanterns also can collect.

porcelain lamp



Ceramic material to withstand high temperature above 200 ℃ higher than quartz, made from electric arc tube temperature can be as high as 1200 ℃ after operation, to its high thermal conductivity, temperature distribution in the electric arc tube itself is relatively uniform, even the cold end is above 900 ℃, thus filling the metal halide can be fully evaporate, this is ceramic lamp luminous efficacy and color rendering index, high and stable

Ceramic bubble shell has high thermal and chemical stability, no chemical reaction with the material filled into the arc tube, and no sodium leakage problem, so the lamp performance is stable, light decay is small, long life. CDM-T ceramic lamps have excellent color rendering, high light efficiency, long life, good color consistency, with UV protection shell, two color temperatures can be chosen.



color glazed table lamp

The lamps made of blue and white porcelain have strong Chinese colors.blue and white table lamp


Ceramic lamp with its excellent performance and high technical content and people take seriously, its high price makes people think that this kind of light source is only suitable for senior commercial lighting, such as luxury hotels, guesthouses, high-end clothing stores, jewelry stores, senior conference halls. However, with the broadening and deepening of people’s understanding of things, many views are changing rapidly, and the application field of ceramic lamps is also expanding.

blue and white lamp




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