Antique porcelain, it is enough to read this!

Antique porcelain, it is enough to read this!  !

Counterfeiting is a format that has always followed the antiques industry and is a challenging roadblock for the antiques industry. There are mainly extreme imitation, high imitation, medium imitation, low imitation, land distribution and garbage. Engaging in this business must inevitably understand the “four states”, otherwise it is really impossible to play. Antique porcelain, i.e. […]

Against COVID-19, SHENGJIANG COMPANY Provide You With Reliable Product Assistance! Such As Masks,Thermometer ETC.

As the global outbreak of covid-19 intensifies, we have learned that in western countries, a large number of protective equipment such as masks,forehead temperature guns and hand sanitizers are in short supply. As a Chinese enterprise that has received western care and help, we are very willing to use our contacts accumulated in 13 years […]

Shengjiang ceramic table lamp introduce —— from Jingdezhen porcelain capital

ceramic table lamp

ABOUT   US   Sheng Jiang is a trading & manufacturer of porcelain products based in Jingdezhen city, the Chinese porcelain birthplace. Established in the year of 2006.We are able to meet different customization requirements, pay attention to detail and the small production runs that industrial factories can’t .  Our items are mainly with Asian influence. 95%  designs […]

Longevity Famille-rose Ceramic Tableware —— Made in China

famille rose tableware

Ceramic Tableware   Today,we’re talking about longevity famille rose ceramic tableware.Ceramic tableware, the traditional concept of ceramic refers to all inorganic non-metallic minerals such as clay as raw materials for artificial industrial products. It includes various products made from clay or mixtures containing clay by mixing, forming and calcining. The firing and application of ceramic […]

Ceramic Flowerpots in Jingdezhen city

ceramic flowerpot

Nowadays, there are many kinds of flowerpots on the market.When you are choosing a flowerpot, besides notice color is harmonious, modelling is clever, outside be suited to seeing and admire display, want according to the quality of a material of flowerpot commonly, shape, color, size, union considers the element of the respect such as environment […]