To majority of our clients, blue and white home decor ceramic is Shengjiang company ceramics most remarkable ceramic. As matter of  fact, there are many other kinds of ceramics which are also very popular in home decor field.

floral bulbous vaseRZIS09 B 7838H56W35B21K10KG9.5gourd shape vase

     Today, we will suggest the red and white ceramics. Different from blue and white, the red color gives a vitality feeling into the view. The red seems like the sun bringing entelechy to every corners of our home.

red and white ceramic stool

     This red and white dragon floral stools is one of Shengjiang Ceramics most skillful artwork. You can see each brushworks of the red line. From the sea wave to the floral line and dragon scales, painters paint it with high skill and patience.


     The eye of the dragon is black. Some people may be confused. Why the eye color is different? The reason is in China, eyes of the dragon is the most important part to finish to painting of a dragon. When all of a dragon is fihished painting, Chinese like to dot the dragon eye in the end that means make the finish point.

red floral bulbous vasered lotus vase

red lotus pond pattern ceramic stool

Red fish pond pattern hand drawing ceramic home decor jar


    Above is very simple and easy feeling fish pond pattern red and white ceramic vases. It is Ming Dynasty style pattern. For it is remote ancient dynasty, the fish painting skill is not as delicate as recent Qing Dynasty. The fish seems charming naive.

large dragon floral vase

Chinese lord of sea--sea dragon with flower pattern hand draft red color interior design ceramic jar

Red fish pond pattern hand drawing ceramic home decor jar


No matter complex red painting or simple red pattern, rred color with white background will be a new trend for home decor in nowadays.


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