Ying qing is the art treasure of Chinese ceramics. As far back as the song dynasty, it was the main product of jingdezhen porcelain.In recent years,Shadow blue vase is popular with people.If this is your first time knowing the Shadow Blue Vase,here is a article about it’s detail.



Shadow celadon is white porcelain. The glaze color of this kind of porcelain is between blue and white. There is white in the blue, and the white shows the blue. If you see through the light, you can see the hand shadow and the inside and outside carved patterns, so it is called “shadow blue”. Yingqing is a unique style of porcelain produced by jingdezhen kiln in song dynasty. Jingdezhen products in jiangxi are the best, and there are also products in fujian, anche and guangxi. Shadow blue porcelain is thin and hard, with a glaze color of blue and white like jade and a little transparency. The sound of crystal beats is crisp and high, and it is also called “fake jade” and “blue like sky, clear like mirror, thin like paper and sound like qing”. Fine ornamentation, there are engraved flowers, printing nets. Engraved and often supplemented by grate dot lines, so that engraved patterns prominent; Printed patterns are Yang wen, most printed in the bowl or bowl cover above. There are many shapes, including cups, bowls, plates, eaves, stoves, etc., especially the “shadow celadon pillow” is very popular among people. The shadow celadon has been far away from home in the song and yuan dynasties.



shadow blue vase

“Ying qing” is the common name of the unique style porcelain made in jingdezhen in the song dynasty. It is called “ying qing” because its glaze color is between blue and white, with white in the middle and white in the middle and green in the middle. In addition, the porcelain shell is very thin, and the carved patterns can be reflected both inside and outside to meet the light, so it is called “ying qing”.







Most of these vases can be fired into various styles and shapes.For example,Fengweizun, willow bottle, jade bottle, plum bottle, Guanyin bottle, general tank and so on.As we all know,vases are usually used for decoration and insertion of fresh flowers. Nice vases can make people happy,shadow celadon’s color is plain and neat,it can make people relaxed and less stressed.

shape of shadow blue vase


Matrass round abdomen bottom thick, neck long mouth small, concise and smooth, stable and straight, especially suitable for single branch long stem flowers.

shape of shadow blue vase


Bell vase,open the mouth of the vase, insert a bunch of lilies, and then use pebbles to fix the branches. Such, both ends show open attitude, achieve the effect of echo of head end. shape of shadow blue vase

The production of shadow celadon


Lei Yangang
·National ceramic industry technical experts
·The first Jiangxi ceramic master
·Jiangxi Province technical expert
·Jingdezhen Liquor Skills Master·Jiangxi Province Skills Competent Master from the First Jiangxi Ceramics Master Mr. Xu Shunrong
Specializes in modern ceramics and antiques, ceramic rounds, and utensils. From styling to color, we follow minimalism. There are only two or three thin lines in the large-scale shadow green, let us return to the period of Chinese culture, the Song Dynasty.

The production of shadow celadon has the following procedures: kneading mud, casting, casting, glazing, kiln, calcining.Each step is carefully crafted by a craftsman.Its glaze color is between blue and white, with white, white and shining blue, and the porcelain shell is very thin, the carved patterns can be reflected both inside and outside of the light.


production of shadow blue vase




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