Ceramics, as a traditional Chinese art and indoor furnishings, has been around since ancient times.In this article,We can find the commonness of ceramics and new Chinese style in traditional Chinese culture and traditional Chinese aesthetics, break the thinking limit, arouse people’s rethinking of traditional art from the interweaving of traditional culture and contemporary culture, and provide infinite possibilities for ceramics in the development of new Chinese style.


new Chinese style and porcelain





The new Chinese style was born in the new period of the revival of Chinese traditional culture. With the increase of national strength and the gradual recovery of national consciousness, people began to sort out the clue from the chaos of “imitation” and “copy”. At the beginning of exploring the local consciousness of China’s design industry, the new generation of design teams and consumer market gradually mature and give birth to the implicit and beautiful new Chinese style. In the modern era when Chinese culture is popular all over the world, Chinese elements and modern materials are subtly combined with soft materials.

In contemporary world,Chinese elements and modern materials clever and soft, tang and song dynasty furniture, Ming and qing dynasties window lattice, cloth bed products reflect each other, reproduced the move to change the exquisite sketch. Inherit the essence of the concept of home in Ming and qing dynasties, refine and enrich the classic elements, at the same time change the original space layout in the hierarchy, seniority and other feudal ideas, to the traditional home culture into a new breath.

The new Chinese style mainly includes two basic contents: first, the interpretation of the cultural significance of Chinese traditional style under the background of the current era; Second, contemporary design based on a full understanding of Chinese contemporary culture. New Chinese style is not pure traditional elements piled up, but through the understanding of traditional culture, modern elements and traditional elements together, with modern people’s aesthetic needs to create a rich traditional flavor of things, so that traditional art in today’s society can be properly reflected.


new Chinese style






















new Chinese style




















Porcelain is made of porcelain stone, kaolin, quartz stone, mullite and so on.The forming of porcelain is made by firing at high temperature (about 1280℃-1400℃) in the kiln. The glaze color of porcelain surface will undergo various chemical changes due to different temperature.

To qualify as porcelain, one must have the following: first, the ceramic must be made of China clay. China clay is mainly composed of kaolin and makeup, and contains feldspar, quartz and mullite components; Low iron content. After high temperature burning, the tire color is white, transparent or transtransparency, the tire body water absorption rate is less than 1%, or not water absorption.Secondly, the ceramic body must be roasted at 1200℃ ~ 1300℃ to have the physical properties of porcelain. Different regions of China clay, firing temperature is also different, to be subject to sintering.Third, the glaze on the surface of the porcelain must be made of vitreous glaze at high temperature together with the porcelain.


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A perfect combination of new Chinese style and porcelain


Nowadays, with the improvement of social aesthetic and artistic appreciation level, living in adornment more and the pursuit of cultural taste and artistic flavor, no art decoration, residential furniture more high-grade more modest, art can render the appeal of the household life not only, and can reflect the cultural taste of the owner, so really make the finishing point role is in the decoration art, and in many works of art, China has to be much more expensive. Many people like the style of the new Chinese style, and in the new Chinese style, ceramics represent a wealth, elegant, porcelain as one of the most important home decoration, is essential.


Chinese style is particular about symmetrical beauty all the time, everything becomes double.Symmetrical red cabinets are topped with ceramic ornaments in the shape of horses.Generous, solemn, simple, elegant, there is a quaint rhyme.

Artistic pottery and porcelain is decorated specifically in household, want to decide according to indoor dimensional size and style. As an ornament, artistic ceramics should not be excessive fine. Good work of pottery and porcelain can be installed at special display ark is worn, for example the adornment in the sitting room wears make it to appear semi-fully segregation is worn, since a kind of space is divided means is very good pottery art display is worn. Pottery on the shelf taste more should be its by size, color and style into a small category, short in front, to ensure the best vision of the whole batch of works.


new Chinese style and porcelain






















new Chinese style and porcelain




















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