Nowadays, there are many kinds of flowerpots on the market.When you are choosing a flowerpot, besides notice color is harmonious, modelling is clever, outside be suited to seeing and admire display, want according to the quality of a material of flowerpot commonly, shape, color, size, union considers the element of the respect such as environment of flowers growth habit, whole cooperate, use requirement, display gives careful choice.At here,i have to introduce ceramic flowerpots.


art ceramic flowerpotart ceramic flowerpot




About Ceramic Flowerpots


Ceramic flowerpots are made of various kinds of clay, processed into shapes and calcined in kilns. Due to different processing methods, can be divided into: ceramic basin, glaze basin, purple sand basin, and porcelain basin.Ceramic flowerpot compared with other material of the flowerpot its appearance is more beautiful and elegant, suitable for the sitting room, bedroom, outdoor, courtyard display, damage rate than glass, plastic material and other relatively lower, its basin body does not fade, not out of shape, water retention is also very good, is the best choice for all kinds of potted plants.

Ceramic flowerpots are traditionally fired with dragon kilns in China, gathering the aura of heaven and earth, endowing ceramic products with unique spirit and charm, highlighting profound cultural deposits. Because of its fine production, painted with various colors of glaze, some also painted with beautiful pictures or pleasing patterns, some painted with shining gold, very beautifying the environment, so it is often used as a basin.


blue and white ceramic flowerpot

Blue and white porcelain is one of the mainstream varieties of Chinese porcelain. It belongs to underglaze colored porcelain and blue and white porcelain flowerpot


The Benefits of Ceramic Flowerpots


The material used for ceramic flowerpots is earth, and the earth becomes ceramic. This ceramic itself is crevice, so ceramic pots generally have better air permeability than flowerpots made of other materials. Air permeability is crucial to the health of flower roots.The porcelain pots made by hand are well made. The smooth surface of the POTS is easy to clean and will not rot as easily as the wooden flower pots.

I have to mention the glaze basin, glaze basin is the pot clay glaze calcining, basin surface smooth, beautiful color, color variety, suitable for different environments, because its basin surface smooth, easy to clean, so many people tend to choose the glaze basin to plant. However, it should be noted that although the glaze basin is beautiful, its permeability is poor, so for those flowers requiring drainage and good air permeability, it is not suitable for planting with this basin, but more suitable for planting bamboo plants, bamboo shoots and other plants.


blue and white ceramic

The porcelain pots made by hand are well made. The smooth surface of the pots is easy to clean and will not rot as easily as the wooden flower pots.

Household ceramic flowerpot




Hand-made Ceramic Flowerpot


Ceramic flowerpot forming process is mainly divided into manual forming and mechanical forming. Hand casting and sculpture techniques are applied in hand molding, which have deep artistic expression and more characteristics. Each hand-made ceramic flowerpot presents different styles. While the production efficiency of mechanical molding is high, but it’s the same.The quality of hand-made ceramic flowerpot is better and diverse styles.


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