Jingdezhen Sheng Jiang Porcelain, a distinguished trading and manufacturing company nestled in the heart of China’s porcelain capital, Jingdezhen, has been family-owned and operated by Clare and Arong since 2006. We specialize in crafting exquisite porcelain products that embody the rich heritage and craftsmanship synonymous with Jingdezhen.

Strict Quality Control for Incoming Material

At Jingdezhen Sheng Jiang Porcelain, we pride ourselves on our ability to cater to diverse customization needs, paying meticulous attention to detail—a hallmark of our service that sets us apart from mass-production facilities. Our product offerings predominantly draw inspiration from Asian aesthetics, with a significant 95% of designs rooted in the traditional artistry of Jingdezhen. Notably, international trade constitutes a substantial portion of our business, accounting for 60% of our revenue, a testament to our global reach that has been steadily expanding over the past decade.

Operational Test for All Our Products

To ensure that our porcelain treasures reach enthusiasts worldwide, we offer international shipping services to an impressive 51 countries. Our commitment to building long-lasting partnerships with our clientele is unwavering, reflecting our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. Potential buyers are warmly invited to connect with us to explore the myriad possibilities of collaboration and to discover the timeless beauty of Jingdezhen porcelain firsthand. Join us in celebrating the legacy of Chinese porcelain, where tradition meets innovation, and craftsmanship is elevated to an art form.