China calligraphy is popular and valuable. For it is paper work, just some can be until now and most of these treasure can be only seen in the museum. With time goes by, each time, these paper work to be shown to audience it would be harm to itself.

black Chinese painting VASE

     Porcelain with black and white color seems more color fixing. The black brush paints on the ceramic body is more diffcult than paints on paper.

black paint jar


    After drying and fired by 1300 degree high temperature, the color would be never fade away and the ceramic body is also become porcelain. If protect well, the beautiful pattern and excellent body shape can be last forever.


black floral vase

black dragon vaseblack floral bulbous vasesmall mouth vase

     From green ware to white porcelain body, the vase needs to be fired first time. Then Jingdezhen artisan uses bruse to dip into black pigment and paint on the curled ceramic body. After the pigment dry, these vase will be fired second time to make the black paint into the transparent glaze. Then the black pattern will be on the vase for ever.


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