China old style blue and white general Jar in Jingdezhen with lion handle

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  The use of the general porcelain jar, one of the jars of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, its cover is quite similar to the general’s helmet, hence the name. The shape began in the late Ming Dynasty, and it was said that it was a trophy-like prize specially made by the great general who won the victory for the dynasty, and was shaped like a general’s headgear armor.

antique finish jar

golden line ceramic dragon jar

    To the official kiln of the Ming Dynasty, the general jar was used to be as a gift to the military commander, while the gift of civil official was based on the four treasures of the scholar (writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper). In Qing Dynasty, The ordinary officials use them to hold gold and silver and beloved things. The Buddha is used to hold the beads and so on. A superstitious statement that porcelain general jar will bring official luck, wealth and good fortune.

phoenix ceramic jar

    The most representative blue and white colors are two kinds, one is rich and deep, the color is dark blue; the other is low in iron content, showing elegant and pure color, which is mostly used to depict flowers and birds. The shape is full, and the whole is like a general with a helmet and armor. It is steady and straight, and strong. The whole body of the temple jar is decorated with blue and white tangled lotus, and the white is slightly blue.

RZEY12 D 7486

    Jewel top sign hat-shaped cover, slip shoulders, bulging and lowering, circle foot. The body is heavy and the glaze is moist. The whole body is painted with blue and white tangled flowers and birds. The brush strokes are smooth and freehand, the layers are distinct, the blue and white color is crisp and colorful, and the shape is dignified and generous. It is a typical characteristics of Kangxi Dynasty porcelain general jar.

bird floral ceramic jar in blue

    The main reason why the porcelain general jar are valued by the antiques collectors is their artistic value. The generalization of the porcelain general jars to the Shunzhi period of the Qing Dynasty was particularly popular during the Kangxi period.

kylin bring kids to family porcelain jar

    Although the models of each period have changed slightly, they are characterized by the atmosphere and grandeur. The blue-and-white porcelain general jar is the leader of the Kangxi dynasty blue-and-white porcelain. Because of its large shape, the blue-and-white craft has been fully expressed. Porcelain collectors believe that lotus leaf porcelain cans and large porcelain cans are the predecessors of porcelain general jars.

old ceramic jar

Nowadays, there are also modern-fired porcelain general jars on the market, which are very large, and some even as high as one or two meters, which is very imposing.

phoenix kylin ceramic jar

    The author once communicated with the porcelain experts in Jingdezhen. In terms of modern technology, it is not easy to make large ceramic general jars. It is quite difficult to throwing or burn. It is conceivable that under the ancient production conditions, the large general jars are even more rare.

vase pattern ceramic jar with lion lid

     In recent years, the artistic value of porcelain general jars has been increasingly valued by collectors, and prices have naturally risen. Driven by economic interests, counterfeit goods are also flooding the market. The author’s experience is that to grasp the key point of the old porcelain general jars, it is to feel the unevenness of the outer wall of the jar, just like the orange peel on the human body, which is formed during the process of throwing.

blue background bird floral ceramic jar

    Because the porcelain general jar is for daily usage, the craftsman does not care about these details when he is refining, but it is a feature of the times. In addition, to identify the porcelain general jars of different eras, you can apply the experience of other porcelain.

floral bird ceramic jar



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