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Jingdezhen Porcelain Table lamp — from shengjiang company

Porcelain tablelamp is a kind of common types of lamps and lanterns, ceramic lamps are generally desk lamp, many families buy after ceramic lamp will choose to place the head of a bed in the bedroom, ceramic lamp than other lamps and la …


Longevity Famille-rose Ceramic Tableware —— Made in China

Ceramic Tableware   Today,we’re talking about longevity famille rose ceramic tableware.Ceramic tableware, the traditional concept of ceramic refers to all inorganic non-metallic minerals such as clay as raw materials for artifi …


Ceramic Flowerpots in Jingdezhen city

Nowadays, there are many kinds of flowerpots on the market.When you are choosing a flowerpot, besides notice color is harmonious, modelling is clever, outside be suited to seeing and admire display, want according to the quality of a ma …


The collocation of new Chinese style and porcelain

Ceramics, as a traditional Chinese art and indoor furnishings, has been around since ancient times.In this article,We can find the commonness of ceramics and new Chinese style in traditional Chinese culture and traditional Chinese aesth …